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DWTS long gown dress Season 18: Week 10 Costume Critique I enjoyed this season of Dancing With the Stars immensely, for both the costumes AND the dancing, and I will enjoy having the summer off to enjoy some beautiful Minnesota weather, but I will be ready for more dancing, more costumes when season 19 begins, this Fall!

It was my birthday the night of the swimwear manufacturer Finale, so I watched this week sans commercials, on a delayed basis – which isn't all bad! But once I cozied up to my television, after a fabulous dinner at my favorite NE Minneapolis restaurant, I was truly waiting and hoping to see some costuming that matched the level of the dance performances, But after ranking all the costumes, I confess that my only ‘10' went to Derek for his fabulously glitzy black Salsa jacket with red stoned lapels. Worn with plain black trousers and no shirt, his look was very classy and glitzy.


I gave an ‘8' or a ‘9' to most of the costumes, this costume manufacturer week. The ‘9' went to Peta's Tango dress, both Meryl and Maks' Argentine Tango costumes, Candace's Quick Step gown, Meryl's Freestyle Palazzo costume, Mark's gold lame vest Freestyle ensemble, Amy's Fusion Challenge dress, and Meryl and Maks' Fusion Challenge togs.

I loved former winner Amber's gold costume, along with all of the supporting dancer's gold and black outfits. They all nicely coordinated with Amber for her rousing performance. I replayed it, so I could see it again – both for her singing, the dancing and the costumes!

Erin, our new host this season's DWTS, wore a boring yellow dress on Monday, and then an ugly green gown on Tuesday. All season, I really liked her short dresses – they were always fresh and classy, but these dressier, more formal looks really feel short of my expectations.

Costumes on the ‘Stars' and ‘Pro Partners' that fell short of my expectations this week, included Amy's red fringed Salsa jumpsuit (how many times have we seen this costume?) with rhinestoned nude areas under the fringe, Maks' saggy, sad loungewear pants were very shabby looking. Derek also was adorned in a shabby looking white knit loungewear shirt with loungewear pants for the Freestyle performances. What were the trends in costumes, this season? Lots and lots of all types of fringe, lots of rhinestone embellishment, Too many costumes with ‘nude' or taupe or tan as the base fabric color, still too many unsightly nude elastic straps, although there were many costumes that did make use of decorated, nicely designed straps. Decorative strapping details have been integral parts of many ‘edgy' designs. Ruching (gathered fabric) is still very popular and flattering.

Palazzo pants seemed to be on every show. This is a style resurrected from a couple of decades ago, and of course it is a fad. Of course the Palazzo pant is attractive when it fits correctly, but keep in mind that they DO need to fit correctly. Sunburst pleating has been making a comeback, its too bad that many pleaters went out of business back a couple of decades ago, when this specialized pleating went out of vogue, making it difficult to easily secure this type of treatment. It is not something you can do yourself. And of course feathers of all types have been used in many different ways.

Besides all the ‘usual' stretch performance fabrics, woven fabric such as chiffon, double-georgette (not as sheer as chiffon) and lots of satin charmeuse (a very fluid, shiny fabric) continued to be dominant in costumes that require a skirt. Stretch lace and fancy Bridal laces were dominant fabrics and have been used lined and unlined. Printed, woven fabrics have been popular, as they have been, with regular dress fashion, this season.

Trends that I didn't enjoy, include the droopy-in-the-crotch pants. Really…they don't flatter anyone, as they make your legs look short and squatty. They just show that you are aware of the current fad… Naked men's upper torsos continued through this season. Me? Men and women's bodies are beautiful, I don't disagree…especially when these bodies look healthy and toned, but give me a man in a dapper tuxedo any day, over a shirtless man!